Grounded in Truth

Embracing Today

I’m sitting here this morning thinking of all God’s goodness. I know I don’t deserve any of it, but nonetheless God’s been good to me.

As I sit here at work this morning I am reminded of something the Lord shared with me a short while back. Frustration seems to be the overwhelming theme for 2014, and without question it has bombarded my wife and I! There have been times in our frustration where we have cried, “God when will this season of life be over!” We know, to some degree, where our future is, yet the struggle to survive today weighs heavily on our minds.

I was simply reading the story of the lane man at the pool of Bethesda, 38 years this man spent stuck in this position. That wasn’t very encouraging to me! Suddenly I saw something I’ve never seen, it literally jumped off the page at me! When Jesus saw his condition he asked him an important question, “will you be made whole?” In other words, are you ready for a change? “Of course I am Lord, but you see (insert excuse here)”

Jesus responded lovingly,if you want change, take up your bed and walk“. Suddenly I realized something empowering! Jesus didn’t change his circumstances until the man was willing to embrace his bed!

What does that mean for us? Simple, the only way God will know he can trust you for the next chapter of life is for you to embrace today! It may not be what your vision sees, but embrace where you are! It may not be where you want to be, but embrace where you are! It may feel like you’ve been here 38 years, but embrace where you are!

I don’t know what has you frustrated, but I do know the Lord is simply asking His people, “take up your bed and walk!” Whatever your bed may be, embrace it and walk with God where you are!


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