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Welcome! Thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Joshua L. McElhaney, I am an author and a minister in Tyler, TX. This site is dedicated to a real passion of mine, writing! A couple of years ago I decided to try writing a blog, what I didn’t know then was that I was about to embark on a life changing journey. Writing has become a real passion of mine and I hope that through these small outlets that someone could find a word of encouragement, strength or hope.

In May of 2014 I set out on a quest to write a book (never thinking that I would ever finish), and God has truly blessed me and my efforts. Below is a brief summery of this book…

King in a Cave, Learning to Be a King Without a Throne is my first book, and it is now available on Amazon! This book is a great resource for every aspiring minister, whether you are a Youth Pastor or an Assistant Pastor this book will speak to where you are.

The position of leading is difficult enough, compound that with the stress, anxiety and even uncertainty that comes with waiting on God’s perfect timing. This area of ministry is hardly ever discussed, and it is the greatest threat to a young ministers future. The enemy will try and force you to rush God’s hand, and in the process you could make mistakes that could seriously jeopardize your future.

In this book, you will follow the life of David, from the moment he was anointed until the moment he seizes the throne of Israel. And you will discover that the valleys, the isolation and the frustration of waiting is a common theme among ministers.

David’s eventual success was a direct result of the years he spent in the “cave”. Don’t discredit this season of life, and please don’t rush God’s will!

Click here to read a full review by Rev Michael Gurley

Click on the image below to reserve a copy of this book, and learn how to be a King in a Cave!

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“This book is an excellent read. Every person desiring a ministry of any kind should be required to read this book and understand the importance of waiting on God to promote them. A person must learn to submit & follow before they can lead.”

Rev Ken Sharp

Pastor, High Point Pentecostal Church

Port Orange, FL

“Joshua McElhaney’s King In A Cave is a must read for every young minister aspiring to be involved in ministry. In this book you will be inspired, challenged, and given a first hand look at how God can and will use anybody who is willing to hold on until the end.”

Rev. Bradley Davis

Assistant Pastor, Daisetta United Pentecostal Church

Daisetta, Texas

“In this book Joshua L. McElhaney shares with us insights that speak of his own experience and determination to serve God. ‘Before David was anything other than a shepherd, God recognized his integrity.’ This quote encapsulates the spirit of the book and we would all do well to learn and emulate that characteristic. I would recommend this book to anyone seeking to fulfill God’s purpose in their life.”

Rev. Scott Phillips

Pastor, Springridge Pentecostal Church

Raymond, Mississippi

“In my 29 years of ministry I have Evangelized, worked as an Assistant Pastor, Pastored my own church and today I am once again serving in the role of an assistant pastor. The principles written here are some that I wish had been in print 29 years ago. As assistant pastors, there is a process that we will all go through and if we learn the principles written here, you will be on the road to where God is leading you.”

Tim McCrury

Assistant Pastor, The Sanctuary

Colonial Heights, Virginia


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